Hornchurch Residents' Association

We are a non party political association formed in 1933 to assist local residents who needed our help, and our members are from all walks of life and beliefs.

We are a non party political association formed in 1933 to assist local residents who needed our help, and our members are from all walks of life and beliefs.

St Andrews Ward

Bryan, Paul and Gerry welcome you to our dedicated St Andrew’s Ward page. Although they have vast experience in a variety of fields, the role most important to them is looking after their residents. By all means contact one of them if you have any queries, problems or concerns – you will find their details below.

St Andrew’s Safer Neighbourhood Team

90, North Street, Hornchurch, RM11 1SR
Telephone: 020 8721 3527 – Mobile: 07843 065 873
Opening Hours vary – Voice Mail is used out of hours

Friends Of Langtons Gardens

This Group has been very active in obtaining a number of improvements to these beautiful gardens. To do so they work closely with the Council but have also organised their own fund raising events. The Group meets on the first Tuesday in every month at 7pm – they work hard but have lots of fun too.

Friends Of St Andrew’s Park

Those residents who have lived in our area for a long time will remember our park in the ‘Good Old Days’ when we had a Park Keeper, actively used tennis courts, football pitch, putting green, litter bins, seats and a nice children’s’ play area. All this changed when the then Conservative Council took away our park keeper and allowed the park to fall into disrepair.

In 2006 local residents who live near to or use the park decided that enough was enough and formed a ‘Friends of St. Andrews Park Group’. They obtained the active participation of the Council’s Parks Department and together they have transformed the park into a nice place to use for young and old alike.

The St. Andrews Police Safer Neighbourhood Team and Panel (made up of local people) actively monitor the park’s activities to ensure that any anti-social behaviour is tackled immediately it comes to their notice.

Since the Friends were formed they have obtained the following:

  • GREEN FLAG status
  • a new safety/security fence between the railway and the park (this was a real fight with Rail Track)
  • new security fences in places where needed
  • all fences and gates treated with anti-climb paint
  • the provision of new seats, new litter bins, new dog faeces bins
  • new children’s safety play area, new enclosed ball court
  • bulb planting by involving Langton’s Junior School pupils

Trying to obtain funds for the park is difficult at the best of times. The ‘Friends’ know that more needs doing and are working towards an even better park.

It is intended to use the park for ‘Friends’ events in the future. More needs doing of course and the ‘Friends’ will be continuing their efforts to this end. All users of the park be they from local areas or others should try and assist the ‘Friends’ in park improvements. The best way to assist is by joining the ‘Friends’ Group who meet every two months.

Details of the park, information regarding the park and how you can help is obtainable from the Secretary, Mrs. Elaine Gray 01708 472112 or by email jmghomeworks@btinternet.com


We sometimes despair at the rubbish strewn around the rear of some of the shops in our Town Centre.

Rubbish 1 Rubbish 2 Rubbish 3

These pictures show examples of what we have found during recent months and have arranged to have cleared away. Obviously we cannot check the area inch by inch on a daily basis and we all need to be on top of this never ending problem.

Perhaps one day we’ll also catch the perpetrators!

So do please let us know if you see any areas that need attention and we’ll ensure they are cleansed.


St Andrews Ward Focus Team

Cllr Reg Whitney

Cllr Reg Whitney


Cllr John Wood

Cllr John Wood


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